5 / 5
Changed our son’s life

“Just wanted to let you know how much you have changed our son Seán’s life and ours.  You opened up a world of reading to Seán.  He was 7 years old and just starting 1st class, and he could only identify 8 words. He started ‘picture words’ and what can we say?  Seán went from frustration and upset to calm and confident.  We made it into a game at home, which even his 3-year-old brother, Niall, was learning from.  Niall is 5 now and is already reading!  When Seán went into 2nd class he had already mastered 177 words! Watching Seán reading Dr. Seuss, his favourite, and even Horrid Henry, is amazing! Thank you for bringing Picture Me Reading into our lives!”

From a parent in Dublin, Ireland, who has a family history of dyslexia.

5 / 5
Performance has been extraordinary

‘Have been in LOVE with the PMR cards for several years…and now to discover they are new and improved with colour and card quality—-I didn’t hesitate to update my “extremely used condition” set! The performance in reading and spelling with my K-grade 3 students and private Speech-Language Pathology sweetie pies has been extraordinary.  The auditory and visual imagery cues are engaging and can be paired with any game or activity.  Most of my kiddos just love the speed drills and the earning of “points” for every word card read correctly.  These PMR sight word vocabulary cards paired with explicit instruction of the 6 Syllable Patterns = Reading and Writing SUCCESS!’

Paula, a Speech/Language Pathologist in Ontario, Canada

5 / 5
It Works!

“I tried the sample lesson with my English as a Second Language students and it worked!  They were engaged and enjoyed learning the words.  Next week I will be teaching 12 students who have been on reading Level one for over a year using the phonics method. I am very eager to try this out.”

Maria in Australia

5 / 5
Works like Magic!

“My daughter is a 7-year-old first grader. She has dyslexia, and Picture Me Reading has been working like magic with her retention and recall of sight words.”

Sent by Parent

5 / 5
Enjoyed by Children

“I just started Jake on the first 3 cards this morning, jump, I, and can.  He got on great, really enjoyed them and said he’ll do 3 every day!”

Email sent by a mom, Paula.

5 / 5
Tried and Tested

“Thank you very much! A couple of my teachers used this program years ago and I am excited to support my school’s intervention program with these.”

Stephanie, Principal in California

5 / 5
A Great Product!

Reading teacher, Tara, tried some cards from our ‘Try it for free’ while she waited for her order to arrive.  She sent this message
“I used them today with my guided reading groups and they were amazing!  I can’t wait to get the rest!  Thank you for such a great product!”

5 / 5
Great success already!

“I look forward to using your materials within my classroom, for I have already seen great success from the samples you have provided.”
Multilingual Specialist in South Carolina who had tried Picture Me Reading with our 24-card Starter Pack

5 / 5
Educational assistant raves about these!

“I am a teacher and I went to your site because the educational assistant in my class raves about these sight words. I am very excited to try them…”

Afton in Alberta, Canada

5 / 5
Love to use these from year to year!

“We have purchased your sight word cards in the past and continue to LOVE and use them from year to year.”

ESOL teacher in Buford, Georgia

5 / 5
Thank you for this solution

A parent wrote to Dr. Isaacson –

“ I am writing you to tell you how grateful I am for your development of this program. I am home-schooling my 9-year-old son who has been diagnosed with pretty severe learning disabilities along with language disorder and memory/auditory processing issues. I have tried several programs, trying to make progress in his reading skill.  It has been extremely slow for him and frustrating.  It dawned on me pretty early in this journey that he thinks in pictures, lives in pictures and remembers in pictures. I noticed that the only sight words that he remembers from one day to the next are the ones that we have associated with a picture. Then I started researching and came across your program. I was excited but apprehensive to try yet another program…. Well, it’s only been a few weeks since we started, and I am just thrilled and actually can’t believe it!  We have added over 25 words to his sight word ability in such a short amount of time. The best part is that he is really proud of himself and excited to be finally reading sentences on his own.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing a need and coming up with a solution.”

5 / 5
Unique and truly helpful for special needs and typical students alike!

“I am a Montessori teacher at a very small school located in Maryland. I teach a class of mixed age students 3-6 in the morning and older 4, 5 and 6 year olds in the afternoon. I would love the ability to have sight words the students could practice on their own, which is why your words are so much fun and helpful! I would then review the words individually with students in the afternoon. They are so proud of their reading progress and take it quite seriously. A PDF version would allow me to print out words for the students to practice in school, then take home to continue with their family. I would print them out by Sight Word List (starting with pre-primary words) and as needed by the students’ progress. 

I first came across your words when teaching my autistic son in the 1990’s. They are unique and truly helpful for special needs and typical students alike!”

Jennifer (we at PMR were delighted to inform Jennifer that we now have a Printable version of the pocket-sized cards to make sure all students can take PMR cards home for playing games/word practice.)

5 / 5
Cards have done wonders for the students

“I am currently a student teacher, working towards my masters degree in elementary education. I have used your sight word cards before when I was a special education teacher assistance. These cards have done wonders for the students that I have worked with. I’m reaching out as I heard most districts don’t budget for additional resources. As a new and upcoming teacher, I was wondering if you offered a discount or anything?”  We at Picture Me Reading were able to help Melissa, Illinois, acquire a set of cards through our Philanthropic Fund.  We wish this enthusiastic new teacher well in her career!

5 / 5
Her teacher is amazed!

A grandmother used PMR cards with her 6-year-old granddaughter who was struggling with reading.  Two months in she wrote …

“ …Just wanted to tell you that Carrie got the highest score in 1st grade on her testing. She’s reading at 3rd grade 3 mo…Her teacher was amazed…I really appreciate you helping her get a good start!”

Three years later she wrote, “Carrie has really become a reading “success” story.  She finished 4th grade this year reading at a 9.5 reading level.”

5 / 5
Have been using these cards for years and LOVE them!

“I have been using your Dolch sight word cards for years now and LOVE them. I also love that you finally made some improvements to them to make them a little more culturally relevant.”

Jeannie, teacher in Nevada
Picture Me Reading’s new owners went through all of the cards and updated any cards which were out-dated or too culturally specific to use in different cultures.  Thanks for the words of encouragement, Jeannie!)

5 / 5
A foundation to excel in reading

“ Years ago I became aware of Picture Me Reading at a kindergarten conference. I was looking for a way to challenge my brighter students while continuing to work with students who were struggling. Picture Me Reading offered a self-paced opportunity to master the Dolch sight words. Over the years I’ve heard from families how this foundation has allowed my former students to excel in reading. Picture Me Reading is a wonderful visual aid for any child trying to memorize these words!

Susan, a kindergarten teacher

5 / 5
Trusted resource

“I used PMR cards during the 90’s to train teachers at ASU. Tempe, AZ.  Now at 72, I find myself teaching k-4th resource students.  ♡♡ Will you be able to send me a catalogue for ordering your marvellous program?  So happy to have found you on Google.”

5 / 5
Our psychologist was impressed!

“My School Psychologist was impressed when I showed her (Picture Me Reading.)”

Thomas, Fresno, California

5 / 5
More confident in her abilities!

“Our little 5-year-old girl was struggling with letter recognition. When sight words were introduced by the kindergarten teacher, her classmates quickly left her behind as she had no hope of recognizing them. …  We could see our little one simply shutting down because of her frustration and lack of confidence. … The day the Picture Me Reading cards arrived, I couldn’t wait to try them with our girl.  Honestly, I hoped that Picture Me Reading would help, but as a retired educator I was skeptical. … Our little one immediately seemed interested for the first time! Our little girl could tell me all the words and remembered most of the sentences for each of the words. She was delighted with herself, and we had to send her Mommy a video at work to show her success!… Fast forward a couple of months and our little girl is making progress! She is learning the sight words and beginning to be more confident in her abilities. She still struggles with some words, and I needed advice on whether to continue showing her the picture side of the cards. I contacted Picture Me Reading via their E-Mail and received a detailed reply the very next business day! In summary, if you have a struggling reader, I would highly recommend Picture Me Reading! It has been literally the only strategy that we have employed that our little girl has shown consistent success with! She is learning to read without even realizing it and she is becoming more confident as she progresses. Thanks so much to everyone at Picture Me Reading as you have played a part in making our little girl successful!”

From a relieved grandmother.  (We think that child is very blessed to have such a concerned grandmother!)