How does Picture Me Reading Work?

Picture Me Reading cards provide visual/conceptual cues embedded in the Dolch high frequency words on one side and, on the reverse, an auditory cue explaining the visual cue. 

Early readers quickly begin to visualize the picture and think of the context in which the word would be used, even when they see the word without the cue.  This makes learning these important words much more efficient, increasing confidence and fluency in early readers, even before phonics ‘rules’ have been learned.  They reduce the number of exposures required for early readers to master words, providing them with a core of familiar words for introducing phonics.

Used by teachers and parents around the world!

5 / 5
It Works!

“I tried the sample lesson with my English as a Second Language students and it worked!  They were engaged and enjoyed learning the words.  Next week I will be teaching 12 students who have been on reading Level one for over a year using the phonics method. I am very eager to try this out.”
Maria in Australia

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