Adult Literacy

Do you know any adults who are struggling with basic reading?

Are they finding phonic decoding difficult?

Picture Me Reading cards are suitable for adults who need to master the basic high frequency words in order to read with comprehension and fluency.  There is nothing childish or condescending about our materials.  The visual/conceptual clues on our cards illustrate the words in a way that is appropriate for learners of all ages, and older children and adults will appreciate the humor in many of the clues.

When the 220 (+4 in Picture Me Reading) sight words have been mastered, a learner can read with comprehension and fluency, working out the unknown words using context clues, illustrations and known phonics.

Most of Picture Me Reading’s pictograph word illustrations are in black-and-white because too much color is confusing to the eye and distracts the learner from the word they are working on.  Color can also make cards appear childish. A small amount of color is used only where the color is the clue.

Phonic decoding will make more sense when the learner has a good selection of mastered sight words to base phonics instruction on.

Picture Me Reading is based on the Dolch High Frequency Word list, which is made up of words that are not easy to illustrate (such as the, when and because.)  The developer, educational psychologist Dr Marlys Isaacson, used this list because it is largely made up of words that are difficult for the learner to form mental images of.  Picture Me Reading uses the concept of the word, along with an image embedded in the word, to illustrate each word.

Imagine the joy that parents or grandparents would experience when they gain the basic reading skills necessary to help a child with homework or to read a bedtime story!  

Picture Me Reading provides a different approach to teaching reading from the phonics-only method, building confidence in the learner’s own ability to acquire new reading skills. 

If you are not sure how PMR will work for your students, order our 24-card starter pack (with lesson plans) or go to FREE DOWNLOADS for our ‘Try our cards for free’ offer.